OxThera is built on a highly-experienced and committed team and strong network in oxaluria research, rare disease drug development and anaerobic bacterial manufacturing.

Leadership Team and Strategic Advisor

Mats-Olof Wallin
Chief Financial Officer

Bastian Dehmel
Chief Medical Officer

Elisabeth Lindner
Strategic Advisor

Mats-Olof Wallin, Chief Financial Officer

Born 1951. Deputy CEO since 2020 and CFO since 2020.
Education: BSc, Uppsala University
Other current assignments: Deputy board member and CEO
of OxThera Intellectual Property AB. Chairman of the board of
directors and CEO of Mowin Konsult AB.
Previous assignments (last five years): CFO of Karo Pharma AB
and Sobi AB.
Shareholding in the Company: Mats-Olof Wallin holds no
shares or options in the Company.

Bastian Dehmel, Chief Medical Officer

Born 1970. CMO since 2017.
Education: Staatsexamen from Freie Universitaet Berlin.
Doctoral Degree from the Humboldt University, Charite.
Other current assignments: -
Previous assignments (last five years): -
Shareholding in the Company: Bastian Dehmel holds 3,981,860
Class A Options in the Company.

Elisabeth Lindner, Strategic Advisor

Born 1956. COO 2017-2020, Strategic Adviser 2020-
Education: MSc in Biochemical Engineering from the Royal
Institute of Technology. MBA in Business Management from
Uppsala University.
Other current assignments: Member of the board of directors
of BioSource Europe AB.
Previous assignments (last five years): Member of the board
of directors of Cobra Biologics Holding AB and BioInvent International
Aktiebolag publ.
Shareholding in the Company: Elisabeth Lindner holds
7,963,720 Class A Options in the Company.