Our mission is to bring novel treatment options to rare kidney disease and to partner closely with the medical and patient communities we serve. The first step in this journey is to protect the kidney from the deleterious effects of inappropriately high oxalate concentrations.


Primary Hyperoxaluria

A devastating ultra-orphan genetic disease that is usually diagnosed when patients are quite young

It results in the over-production and over-accumulation of oxalate, causing progressive kidney damage and deposition of calcium-oxalate crystals throughout the body.


Utilizing the special features of an active bimodal enteric biotherapy, Oxabact® could provide the first orally administered treatment to tackle primary hyperoxaluria, by promoting active secretion of oxalate from plasma into the gut and degrading it there. This enteric elimination reduces the high oxalate burden on the kidneys.


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Our Medical Partner Networks

The American Society of Nephrology (ASN)

The ASN mission is “A World without kidney diseases”. The Society represents more than 21,000 kidney health professionals working to help people with kidney diseases and their families.

Kidney Health Initiative (KHI)  has the mission to advance scientific understanding of the kidney health and patient safety implications of new and existing medical products and to foster development of therapies for diseases that affect the kidney by creating a collaborative environment between FDA and the greater nephrology community.

The Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation (OHF)
The Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation (OHF) is the leading organization in the world dedicated to the awareness, understanding and treatment of Primary Hyperoxaluria, Oxalosis and related Hyperoxaluria Kidney Stone Conditions for thousands of healthcare professionals, patients and their families. We aim to share our knowledge so that everyone – patients, medical professionals, government officials, the general public and industry has accurate information about the advances in our disease.

European Hyperoxaluria Consortium – OxalEurope

OxalEurope’s mission is to understand and treat hyperoxaluria and kidney stone disease. OxalEurope is building a registry of hyperoxaluria patients aiming to provide a database for epidemiology, research and understanding of all forms of hyperoxaluria.